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Parenting is tough and rarely is a manual handed out upon the arrival of your little bundle of joy! We support positive and pro-active parenting strategies that are action oriented to remove chaos and stress from the home. Judy has been a mom herself for 23 years, raising her three boys in a blended family of five today. At 10, 15, and 22 her boys have kept her busy and with never ending hands on practical application of the supports and strategies she has learned and continues to teach in her educational roles. If parenting is a priority, contact us today to find out about individual or family supports that can help you with Calm Parenting®.


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The Human Curriculum™ (HC)

Through experience and practice in the art and science of parenting (23 years), teaching (20 years), and supporting mental health and special education (7 years), I began my journey to the Human Curriculum™. The HC is the umbrella under which all aspects of what we do at Prairie Sky Education exists. As I am now nearing the the end of an educational journey, as a PhD Candidate at the University of Saskatchewan, I have begun collating all of what I continue to learn about people; how and why we behave; how we construct who we are in the world; and how we live, reflect, impact, and support others. It will always be an incredible journey, one which, I will continue to share with you through this space at the HC. Welcome, browse, and get in touch if you have something to share, ideas to indulge, or inquiries to which you seek understanding and action.


Our Calm® Philosophy


Calm Practices come from over two decades of experience and practice in parenting, teaching, and learning. As a mother, teacher, and student I went about my most recent journey through my doctorate in a bridged program called the cross-departmental PhD program at the University of Saskatchewan. It was there, I started to combine knowledge from Curriculum Studies with that of Educational Psychology and Special Education and this learning in conjunction with my lifelong experiences gave rise to the Calm ® philosophies and practices that exist today as workshops for parents, educators, and leaders. Explore our page or feel free to connect anytime to ask about a workshop or presentation for: 

- Calm Classrooms®

- Calm Parenting®

- Calm Workspaces®

- Calm Leaders®

- Calm Coaching®

And more!



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